PR - let's change the record

GREAT PR can transform the fortunes and directions of a business. Big statement, right?  But one which has been proven to be true on so many occasions.


Many companies seek out the services of a PR company when they have an event to publicise or a story to tell.


One-off PR campaigns can provide an immediate boost - and if that's what you want, we've got you covered.


But the best kind of PR comes from a relationship which never sleeps.


Knowing you can focus on the business side of things, while a PR partner which cares looks after the rest, is hugely powerful. After all, your success if our success.


That means we're on hand when you need us, that we actively seek opportunities to positively promote your brand and that in times of crisis, we will bring a cool head to the table.


We've got all the tools - and here's why. At 32West, we know how to play the game. We understand what news, magazine and broadcast outlets are looking for. 


We are nimble on social media platforms, understand what content works when, where and why, and we have a great understanding of reader habits.


A great PR company will look after all elements of a campaign, from words, through to pictures, video, graphics and more.


We are always proactive, reactive when necessary, and will seek opportunity at every corner, whatever the platform.