Why aren’t we shouting louder? There's so much to celebrate!

Updated: Jul 2, 2018

Hands up - who’s an offender? Who’s keeping all the good news to themselves?

I’ll wager many people reading this post have a great, positive business story to tell.

And I’d put money on the majority of those stories never having seen the light of day.

It’s an odd one. No matter how great the success, how glorious the result, more often than not it never goes beyond the boardroom table.

In some cases it doesn’t make it past the kitchen table.

We need to change that - we need to get better at telling the world how great we are.

I was at a fantastic in-Cumbria business breakfast this week and among the many things discussed was the way on which Cumbria projects itself.

There was a general consensus that brand Cumbria needs some work - because in spite of the many, many fantastic things the county has to shout about a lot of them go under the radar.

So why is this relevant to your business?

It’s relevant for two reason - let me expand.

In shouting about your successes, you are projecting a positive mage of your brand, your business and your ability to deliver.

Your potential customers suddenly take notice; success breeds success.

As a business you become a more attractive employer. Any prospective employee worth their salt will research a business they’re about to apply for a job at. Positive news helps contribute towards a positive impression.

In your existing staff, you instill a sense of pride and loyalty - because in celebrating your success, so too do you celebrate theirs.

Back to brand Cumbria and in shouting about your good news, you contribute to a wider agenda.

Think of each individual positive news story as a brushstroke on a canvas. As more brushstrokes are added a picture starts to form until you have painted a portrait - in this case of a vibrant, successful, attractive Cumbria.

The reasons to shout loud about your successes are many and varied. Reason not to - well I can’t think of any. Can you?

At 32West we understand some businesses need a helping hand when it comes to planning PR, creating great content and identifying what makes a fantastic story. We can help get you on the way. Why not get in touch to find out more.