Solutions experts help the nation get back to work after Lockdown

HOW people will be able to safely get back to work when COVID-19 lockdown

restrictions are eased is a challenge for millions of individuals across the country.

Solutions experts ECO, who have helped thousands of care home workers keep

safe during the coronavirus outbreak, have applied their thinking and technologies to

helping people feel safe in workplace environments.

They have assembled a range of technologies aimed at keeping areas free of

COVID-19 infection by preventing the virus from getting into workplaces.

ECO, which is based in Scotland and Cumbria, has a full COVID-19 emergency

rapid response solutions operation with a range of anti-virus sanitiser, PPE including

masks and visors, thermal imaging cameras, testing kits, testing pods and hygiene


ECO managing director Eddie Black said: “A lot of people have been talking about

how do we deal with COVID-19 within an office or work environment. They have

been focusing on how to keep people two metres apart.

“The answer for many workplaces is that you can’t. Think about the communal

areas, like toilets and kitchens, stairs, corridors, even the front door. How are you

going to prevent people from coming into close proximity in these areas?

“Employers have a duty of care for their employees and are required to take all

necessary precautions to ensure the physical and mental well-being of their people.

“To try to keep communal areas in workspaces clean and safe might involve

sanitising teams working all the time and that’s going to be a huge cost for many


“Our solution is to do everything feasible to prevent the virus from getting into the

workplace in the first place.

“We will achieve this with a combination of future-proof and adaptable technologies

situated outside the premises.

“These technologies are designed to mitigate the risk of an infected person entering

a facility or premises and keeping workplaces safe.

“They will reduce the impact of COVID-19 on businesses with the added benefit of

enabling confidence and normality in the workplace.”

Eddie explained that making sure the technologies are affordable, and value for

money, for businesses and organisations of all types and sizes is also key.

“I am a business owner myself and I know that to ensure the health and well-being of

our people we are going to have to spend some money. One of the key things for me

is that I only want to spend that money once.

“The solutions we have put together, apart from the consumables, are all leasable or

hire-purchase items which don’t impact on your cash flow.”

Eddie explained how the technologies, including thermal imaging cameras, testing

kits, testing pods and hygiene portals, work together to help keep people safe.

He said: “The first line of defence are thermal imaging cameras situated at a location

outside premises which can detect someone’s temperature, whether that’s an

employee or a visitor.

“If the camera picks up a high temperature then that person would need to go to a

nearby testing pod.

“Tests will be carried out at the pod and the results will be available within 15-20


“If a person tests positive they will have to comply with all government and public

health restrictions which are in place at that time, such as self isolating.

“The test results will be time-stamped, geo-mapped, and logged so that individuals,

and employers, know when someone is safe to work.

“People who test negative will then go to the entrance. But before they go through

the front door they will enter a final sanitisation stage.

“They will walk up to a hygiene portal which will have a touchless hand sanitiser

dispenser which will also activate a fine sanitising mist which you walk through,

which will also have a tray to ensure the soles of your shoes are sanitised as well.

“Then you will be able to continue into your workplace knowing that you and your

colleagues have all gone through the same processes to help keep you safe.”

ECO is building its own state of the art, 3,000-square-metre headquarters for 80

employees at Annan, where Eddie will be deploying the technologies to protect the

health and well-being of his own team.

He plans to use all the technologies outside the building, as well as keyless entry,

intercomms, and antivirus coverings on desks and chairs, to help keep COVID-19,

and any other future viruses, at bay.

Eddie said: “We can reduce the risk massively if we use all these technologies. It’s

all about looking after people, and making sure people are as safe as possible.

“There is a requirement on all employers to take what actions they can. Customers

will also demand it of the businesses they interact with.”

ECO’s COVID-19 emergency rapid response solutions division has already helped

the nation in its time of need. It delivered one million items of PPE to UK care homes within seven days.

And ECO’s sanitising solutions helped a UK factory, making material for visors for

the NHS, keep operating 24/7.

ECO has also launched back-to-work sanitising kits for when the lockdown starts to

be lifted.

When organisations reopen ECO has sanitising kits suitable for a range of business

needs from a one-person builder to a call centre employing 500 people.

ECO’s workspace division is also on hand to advise businesses how to ensure their

workspaces comply with any regulations post lockdown.

With home working continuing for many people, ECO has already supplied hundreds

of home workers with its range of home-worker kits to help individuals with their

health. well-being and productivity while working from home.

Any organisation or business which would benefit from ECO’s help is asked to

contact 01461 500 206 or email or visit for more information.


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