School pupils run campaign to improve air quality across Barrow

DEDICATED school children are helping to improve air quality across Barrow following the

launch of an innovative No Idling campaign.

Pupils and their teachers at Furness Academy, St Pius X, Ramsden Infants and Newton

Primary School are taking part to raise awareness of the damage engine emissions can cause

around schools.

They hope it will create a healthier environment for students, teachers, parents and residents

throughout the borough.

Councillor Ann Thomson, Barrow Borough Council leader, welcomed news of the campaign and the benefits it could bring to the whole community.

“By turning off your engine you will improve the quality of air inside and outside of the car,

reduce pollution, help cut heart disease, reduce lung cancer and prevent asthma attacks,” she said.

“The No Idling campaign shows how one small everyday change can make a big difference.

“These students are all working with our officers to improve air quality around school.

“But whether you’re driving to school, hospital or to the shops, please turn off your engine and do your bit to make Barrow a cleaner, greener place.”

Officers from Barrow Borough Council visited each school to share their expertise with pupils

about air pollution and the steps everyone can take to limit their exposure to car emissions.

In addition, the schools carried out a range of activities to promote the message including

hosting special assemblies, carrying out traffic surveys and asking drivers to take a no idling


They have also spoken to drivers outside schools, engaged with Cumbria Police and created

posts for social media and their parent apps in a bid to educate motorists across the area.

Cllr Thomson added: “Vehicle exhaust fumes are damaging to everyone’s health, but it

especially affects children, who breathe more and at a faster rate than adults.

“By turning off engines near schools, drivers can improve the quality of air for our youngest

generation and everyone in the area.”


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