Pub's burger a day until 2050 offering will blow your mind

A TOWN centre pub which has become well known for its homemade burgers has relaunched its menu.

Diners at The Sun Inn in Ulverston could eat a different burger combo every day until 2050, such is the variety of choice on offer.

The new menu has already had customers flocking through the doors, with groups of up to 15 calling to create their perfect burger.

Head chef at the Sun Inn, Clint Mackenzie said: “Our burgers have been the talk of the town for a while, but the new menu really does take things to a new level.

“Customers are really enjoying the huge number of options available to them and are having a bit of fun putting together their perfect combo.

“Obviously that makes life a little more complex in the kitchen, but it's really interesting to see some of the choices which come through.

“I think the most unusual has to be a chicken fillet burger with blue cheese, peanut butter and black pudding. It’s not something I would have gone for but as they say, the customer is always right and an empty plate came back to the kitchen.”

There are actually far more combination choices available than the 11,520 being claimed by The Sun.

The figure is based on customers selecting a burger then just one option from each of the cheese, sauce and topping sections. But of course diners may choose as many as they wish, meaning the

number of combinations possible is virtually limitless. The Sun was revamped in 2015 and since then, £250k has been invested into the pub, its dining area and kitchens.

It is part of the Lakeland Inns family business, which is owned and run by husband and wife team Kirsty and Scott Mackenzie.

The couple and their extended team also run The Commodore in Grange-over-Sands and The Black Cock in Broughton-in-Furness.

They own Stringers Brewery, which produces 12 different ales including three which have become hugely popular due to their gluten-free properties.

Kirsty said: “We want to give people choice and the opportunity to let their imaginations run wild.

“There will always be a place for the good old burger - but we wanted to mix it up with a mouth-watering selection.“

The Sun Inn serves food from noon until 2.30pm and then 5.30pm until 8.30pm Monday to Friday, and from noon until 8pm at weekends.