Edu-tech firm develops female coders of the future

THE tech company behind one of the most advanced student recruitment tools in the UK

has become a trailblazer in its field.

London-based firm, The Access Platform (TAP), has launched an initiative which

encourages all female employees, whatever their position in the business, to gain skills in

the traditionally male-dominated area of coding.

Now the first graduate of the programme has spoken of the ‘very different direction’ her

career has taken since joining TAP.

Georgina Munn, the company’s customer success manager, said: “In my role, I speak on a

daily basis with TAP’s clients about the product, its capabilities and how it is helping them to

reach out to students in a way they have never been able to.

“However, until recently, there were limitations on the degree to which I could engage with

our clients on technical aspects of the software, because I had no experience in this area.

“The technology behind The Access Platform was something which really interested me, as

it is so fundamental to the success of our business.

Georgina, a graduate of the University of East Anglia and King’s College London, was

enrolled on to a beginners course run by Code First: Girls, a social enterprise launched in

2013, which aims to have taught the art of coding to 20,000 women by the end of 2020.

That was followed by an advanced coding course, and she now has the skills to build

websites from scratch, using the skills she has developed as part of the programme.

That means she has a far greater insight into the engine room of The Access Platform -

which is proving to be useful in her conversations with clients: “I now have skills I never

thought I would possess, in areas I certainly never dreamed I would find as interesting as I

have,” she said.

“The coding initiative has been very rewarding on a personal level, and has also equipped

me to be able to advise clients on more technical aspects of the platform.”

The Access Platform uses bespoke technology to enable universities to recruit more

students through peer-to-peer conversations and user-generated content.

More than 20 universities across the UK are already using the platform to provide a more

authentic experience for prospective students.

With the TAP team expanding by the month to cope with increased demand from

universities, and on the back of a root and branch overhaul of the technology behind the

system, more opportunities for staff to take advantage of the coding opportunities lie on the


Nik Higgins is one of TAP’s founding partners. He said: “Since The Access Platform was

founded, we have always been very clear in our vision or the company and the team.

“Our goal is that as a business we constantly push available technology to its limits, while

keeping an eye on the future for the next innovation which will enable us to give our clients

the leading edge.

“For our team, the mission is simple; to allow them to grow and develop in their own areas ofexpertise and in areas they may never have dreamed possible.

“Linking up with the Code First: Girls initiative is one way of doing this, and I am delighted

Georgina managed to fly through what was a very tough selection process to win a place on

the course and has found the process so empowering and fulfilling.”