Innovation beneath some of the world’s biggest theme park rides

WHEN you’re on some of the best-known theme park rides in the world, you’ll be glad to know you’ve got the very best technology beneath your feet.

British-made Marl LED panel indicator lamps have been the go-to equipment of choice for some of the most popular theme parks in North America for 20 years.

Now the UK company is looking to other markets which would benefit from the high-spec, high quality, outstandingly reliable LED lamps.

Marl’s 690 series lamps have been particularly popular in the theme park sector because of their ability to withstand high vibration.

The lamps are also weatherproof and vandal-resistant so they don’t need any cover from the outdoor environment.

Certified to the highest standards in the UK and UL listed in regions of North America, and having earned their stripes in some of the toughest environments, they can be used in a range of industries.

Control panel systems in defence, in transport systems, such as rail and aerospace, and in industrial, factory settings, are ideal applications.

An infra-red version of the panel indicator is also ideal for night-time applications such as multi-storey car-parks, dark security areas, and night vision technology where its applications range from military operations in the defence sector to leisure sector theme park attractions such as ghost trains and dark rides.

Graham Round, Marl’s Strategic VP North America & Int. Sales & Marketing Manager, said: “The 690 series panel indicator LED features internal potting which means that no air gets inside, and therefore no dirt or dust, and no rain, snow, ice or splashing water.

“With US accreditation it means it has been used in some of the best-known theme parks in Florida, California and across North America.

“Its pedigree and outstanding reliability means it could be used in a wide range of industries for different applications.”

Where it’s important for control panels to be moved to different locations the 690 is also suitable as it is designed to be usable in portable systems.

The lamps are designed and manufactured by Marl in Ulverston in Cumbria which has an international reputation for developing world-class products.

Marl has a network of global distributors. For more information on Marl's 690 series please contact