How to stay focused when working from home

WITH many of us now halfway through week two of working from home during the coronavirus lockdown, it’s time for us to reassess what are the things which are working for us - and what are we finding difficult.

Ten days in, if your back is already feeling the strain, if you are finding it hard to concentrate, or hard to switch off, then there are some simple steps you can take to make home working work better for you.

ECO, with bases in the north of England and Scotland, are flexible workplace specialists - creating the optimum ergonomics for your home workstation comes naturally to them.

Here Fiona Boyle, ECO’s interiors consultant, shares her advice, including how to stay comfortable and refreshed, and with your mind on work when it needs to be.

We hope you find this two-minute video useful, and that there are tips here which will help you in the days and weeks ahead.

Any individual, organisation or business which would benefit from ECO’s help is asked to contact or phone 01461 500 206 and ask for ECO Workspace.