Hopes and Fears for 2021 - Phil Redfern, REACT Engineering

Hopes for 2021

Business is built on relationships (both external with clients and internally with our own team), and hoping that we can get back to some meaningful real, rather than virtual, contact in 2021.

Phil Redfern, Managing Director, REACT Engineering

Fears for 2021

Although we’ve all had to adapt through the pandemic and find new ways of working, I have a fear for the longer term impact on people’s health and well-being and the culture of businesses as a result of people having to work from home.

Top professional goal

To continue to grow the impact made by REACT, make things happen for our clients, create opportunities for growth for the team and ensure that the business continues to be sustainable and resilient moving into the future. Focus on doing a great job for our existing customers whilst working to grow and develop our client base.

Top personal goal

2020 has shown me how important it is to appreciate the small things in life. In 2021 I want to spend more quality time with my wife Becky and my two kids William and Evelyn who’ve been there for me throughout what has been a challenging year. I also want to ensure I maintain a positive outlook on life, turning potential threats into opportunities, and relishing the challenges thrown at me by life - being grateful for everything I have.


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