Hopes and Fears for 2021 - Mark Telford, Forth Engineering

Hopes for 2021

At Forth we have always had a commitment to the communities we live and work in - and that community spirit has been stronger than ever in 2020 and we can all grow together from here.

We are problem solvers, with an open-minded approach to allow innovation to flourish, and we thrive when working outside the normal and exercising our minds and our muscles.

I hope there will be more opportunities to do that in 2021, with more cross-pollination across industries from nuclear, through oil and gas, to renewables.

Mark Telford, Managing Director, Forth Engineering

Fears for 2021

That the Covid effect will linger on in some way and change people’s attitudes. Big unknown is the impact of Brexit. But we have survived and thrived for 20 years by adapting and looking at how to solve problems.

Top professional goal

We have big plans for developments which will have a major and positive impact on improving opportunities for people in Cumbria to develop their skills and to significantly enhance the county’s manufacturing capability. We look forward to bringing those to fruition.

Top personal goal

Providing opportunities for people in Cumbria and keeping work in the county. Every member of society can play their part, and I am determined that Forth will continue to provide those opportunities.


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