Historic Oxford college recruits students with new technology

OXFORD’S historic Magdalen College is enhancing its student recruitment process with the deployment of state-of-the-art technology.

The world-renowned college has provided continuous higher education from its prestigious campus for more than 550 years.

But the institution has now adopted an advanced online platform to boost its ability to reach out to prospective students from all backgrounds, as well as those based internationally.

The move will harness the power of its existing student voice to forge stronger links with those considering where to study.

Magdalen College is the latest to implement the system, from London-based Edtech firm The Access Platform, which is already operational in some of the world’s leading universities based in the UK, Australia and the United States.

Director and co-founder of The Access Platform, Nik Higgins, explained peer-to-peer recruitment was proven to be more effective at increasing engagement - and applications - than other means.

“Universities have traditionally relied upon print marketing - prospectuses - open days and school visits to communicate with young people,” he said.

“There is certainly a place for this.

“But students want a more authentic experience now, as well as the chance to ask the questions they consider most important.

“This isn’t about changing the message, just the way new students access that message.

“Channels of communication have moved on. Magdalen College has recognised this and is harnessing the power of technology and the voice of their own students to stay ahead,” he added.

The new technology allows student ambassadors to provide answers and to share related content through a safe and secure two-way platform.

Oxford University graduate Nik, an expert in widening participation, described the partnership between Magdalen College and The Access Platform as an exciting development.

“We are delighted to work with Magdalen College.

“Young people no longer want to receive information in a two dimentional way.

“They want to access it from their peers via their own trusted medium. Giving them the opportunity to do this increases engagement and applications.”