SOS specialists praised for ‘lifesaving equipment’

A CARE home is being helped to keep its residents and staff safe in the fight against coronavirus thanks to a generous donation of sanitiser and visors from rapid response specialists.

Dryfemount Care Home in Lockerbie, which has 29 residents and 45 staff, was struggling to get hold of the sanitiser it needed to keep residents and staff safe.

But local company ECO, which has bases in Annan and Cumbria, came to the rescue and donated and delivered five-litres of its specialist anti-virus sanitiser and eight reusable visors.

John Whitehouse, deputy manager at Dryfemount Care Home, is full of praise for the way ECO has come to the aid of its residents and staff in their hour of need.

John said: “This is life-saving equipment to us. It allows us to keep our residents and staff safe.

It is an extremely generous gesture and we are very grateful.

“We were really struggling to source any hand sanitiser. Everyone we contacted said there was none available because it was all going to the NHS.

“Then we heard that ECO had a secure supply of sanitiser and we got in touch and asked for a price list.

“Before we got a price list back a message came back via ECO’s boss to say they would donate some to us and that they could also sort us out with visors as well.”

John said: “In our time of need, with all that’s going on in the world, it’s gestures like this which make you feel like everything is worthwhile.

“The sanitiser and visors are exactly what we need to keep everyone safe. They are invaluable to us.

“Obviously with our staff needing to give personal care to residents we can’t keep to the two- metre rule all the time. So the visors allow our staff to carry out their work safely.

“I must say all our staff have been brilliant throughout this. They are doing amazing work. I can’t thank them enough.”

ECO, a company with a reputation for ‘getting stuff done’, has set up a full COVID-19 rapid response solutions operation. It has already answered the call to help a factory, which has a government order for manufacturing vital material for visors for the NHS, to continue production 24/7 by supplying anti-virus sanitiser and an on-call emergency sanitising team.

ECO’s experience and equipment means it can even set up field hospitals and other emergency structures with its rapid response building team, and has large volumes of medically-approved beds to help cater for an upsurge in COVID-19 patients.

The company is also rolling out rapid response testing solutions which include rapidly deployable virus containment and testing pods.

Eddie Black, managing director of ECO, said: “When we heard this care home was struggling to source sanitiser we were only too happy to help.

“We have a secure supply of sanitiser and we have sourced visors as well so we were happy to give them what they needed.

“Care home staff all over the country - just like the NHS and other emergency workers - are doing an incredible job, and we wanted to make a gesture to show how much we appreciate it.

“Like any business, we have also had to adjust. We have used our skills to put together a comprehensive package of emergency rapid response solutions in the fight against COVID-19.

“Whether it’s a secure ongoing supply of significant volumes of sanitiser and specialist testing pods, all the way through to supplying and fitting out emergency buildings, with a full-range of medically-approved beds, we will do whatever needs to be done to help the medical sector fight this outbreak, and also to help keep essential business operations up and running.

“If anyone needs our expertise, we will get our teams onto it immediately to achieve what needs to be done.”

Any organisation or business which would benefit from ECO’s help is asked to contact 01461 500 206 or email or visit for more information.