Award-winning Cumbrian leadership coach launches book

A PIONEERING leadership coach is launching his first book after successfully transforming his business model during the coronavirus pandemic to offer online coaching for businesses.

Neil Jurd, a former Sandhurst instructor, launched his virtual leadership course to enable business leaders and managers to best equip themselves to lead their teams through any situation.

Neil Jurd

Neil, who works with senior leaders across the UK, has launched his first book on leadership and team development, having also just received the coveted British Citizen Award, which recognises exceptional people who positively impact their communities.

Neil Jurd’s new book

The British Citizen Award is widely viewed as the nation’s way of recognising extraordinary, everyday people for exceptional endeavour.

One of only 26 recipients across the whole of the UK to receive the honour in the latest awards, Neil was recognised for Services to Volunteering.

Neil previously dedicated 25 years to the army where he led a number of overseas expeditions including in Bosnia and Sierra Leone. He also commanded a Gurkha squadron in Iraq in 2006-2007.

Neil is also the founder of the Michelle Jurd Trust, a charity formed in memory of his late-wife. The charity enables opportunities for children to experience adventure in the outdoors - it has raised more than £200,000.

Bringing together all his experience, Neil’s book: The Leadership Book - A-Step-By-Step Guide To Excellent Leadership; offers a refreshing and transformational approach to leadership and team development.

Neil said: “I’ve written this book to encourage and show people that they can become effective leaders in simple steps. Leadership can be learned and it can work for anyone who wants to improve on their leadership and team development skills.

“Better and strong leadership means happier and more supportive teams, which in turn will produce a better outcome for the business.

“And with everything that’s happened this year, the Covid-19 pandemic, the political events, whatever the event, it has affected everyone one way or another, so better leadership for 2021 is essential for a better world.”

Neil’s book, which costs £15.99, is filled with valuable information and exercises and will take the reader on a journey to take their skills and confidence to the next level.

NHS Head of resilience and patient flow Stuart Hosking-Durn praised Neil’s book saying: "This book provides a great insight into Neil's background and how the skills he learnt and used could be transferred to other types of leadership roles.

“We are looking to use this book as part of our training materials for our command and control teams to give practical real-life examples of leadership in action, especially in difficult circumstances. I would definitely recommend this book if you fulfil an emergency on-call function in any of the operational, tactical and strategic roles."

Neil’s book launch comes following the success of his virtual learning course which is made up of 30 bespoke videos totalling four hours of leadership and development training.

The videos give users an understanding of leadership, how to build a successful team and how to apply leadership in an effective and positive manner.

Neil said: “It’s a difficult time for businesses across the globe at the moment. Good leadership is needed now more than ever,

“With staff having to work in different and difficult conditions, it’s so important that business leaders change their approach not only in their operations but also in how they can support their staff.”

The virtual learning course has been bought by high-profile clients including the NHS England Crisis Management and Resilience team, Scotland’s Independent Living Fund, Alertacall, and the University of Sheffield, which recently achieved seven top 100 spots in global subject rankings.

The Leadership Book - A-Step-By-Step Guide To Excellent Leadership by Neil Jurd, is available to buy now on Amazon -

For more information on Neil’s leadership coaching videos visit


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