In the know...

SOME companies prefer to go it alone and drive their own PR and social media strategies.


Of course, that's fine. But in the same way you would never dream of driving a car without first of all having lessons, you should never embark upon a PR, content and social media strategy without ensuring you have a good idea of what you need to do.

The team at 32West can help .


You can take advantage of our prepared training or opt for a bespoke course which is relevant to the needs of your business.


Through our courses, you can learn how to write your own press releases, engage with audiences via social media, shoot basic video and take images which are of a quality that they will not damage your brand.


We will also give you some insight into how best to approach publications you would love to see your business covered in.


Of course, if all that sounds like hard work, you can let the experts take care of it all for you.


We'd be delighted to have an informal  conversation - and the coffee, cola or whatever your tipple is on us!